Wusthof Classic 6-Piece Steak Knife Set Review

Wusthof ClassicIf you’re ever in the need to buy the best steak knife set, and you know a thing or two about cutlery, the name Wusthof may already come to mind. If you have no clue, you’re in for a whirlwind of exciting news. This state-of-the art brand crafts every knife in Solingen, Germany and only produces the highest of quality knives. The family owned and family managed company boosts a rich heritage dating back to 1814, which adds the perfect amount of history that instills trust and loyalty to the culinary experience and satisfactory of any chef or home cooking enthusiast. Trust is built over time, and this brand has built up all the trust!

Although rich in history, the Wusthof company has enhanced their blades with the new Precision Edge Technology (PEtec), which enhances the blades sharpness by a whopping 20% and will last twice as long as any other steak knife sleeping in your silverware drawer, modern and vintage all together? Perhaps exactly what every chef needs. These knives take the drag of preparing your food into a pleasurable culinary experience.  If you’re an avid meat eater, these knives are a must-have set.

Anatomy of Wusthof Classic Steak Knives

When shopping for the best steak knives, the excellence and sharpness of the blade is number one on the list of must haves, as this is the part where quality matters most! The blade on the Wusthof Classic Knife gives precision a whole new meaning. From one solid piece of steal, the blade is forged and tempered to the optimum 58 degree Rockwell, the blades themselves are a staggering 4.5”, which in case you’re unaware- this length is on the longer side of the scale.

The edge of the blade is exceptionally sharp and easily maintainable. Most importantly, it was skillfully honed by hand! The craftsmanship of this blade is very apparent as soon as you take a good look, the inner chef in you will be smiling from ear to ear. The blade spine is carefully ground and polished to perfectly match and fit the sleek and modern look of the blade.

The Wusthof logo etching on the blade has the name WUSTHOF and the TRIDENT logo, with the steel formula and the city of origin. The company boosts its logo as a proud symbol and as a guarantee of the finest quality. The etching isn’t too deep either but easy to the touch, a modern and luxurious twist. Without this aspect, it would be just like having a Prada bag without the logo stitched on, oh the horror! We want to show off our designer things don’t we?

Meet the Prada bag of the steak knife world.

The knife bolster and finger guards are the hidden hero’s of this quality knife, however. The bolster boosts heft for the knife for easy and effortless cutting. The thickness provided by the bolster allows for precision, as the blade is easier to maneuver with this added charm. The finger guard is your safe haven! It provides a thicker wall that attaches right under the bolster and helps protect your finger from the sharp blade that is chopping away just a few inches away from your hands.

Moving down to the shaft of the blade, the Tang, is essentially the grip of the blade. It’s an extension from the blade and bolster that swiftly moves into and through the length of the handle. It’s hand-buffed and black that is exceptionally crafted and is easily indestructible. This grip handle is incredibly comfortable to the touch and will allow for an easy and relaxed chopping session with any meat. The Rivets that hold the Tang in place permanently secure the handle in with the blade. It’s triple riveted for secure balance to the full Tang and extra durability. The heel of the handle is slightly longer at the end of the knife to provide an additional band of safeness and delivers more control when handling the knife.

The safety and secureness you feel when holding the tang of the blade is unmistakable. You will undoubtedly feel the difference with this quality blade to a different steak knife not manufactured by the knife Gods, Wusthof.

What We Don’t Like & What We Do About This Model

Wusthof Classic 6-Piece Steak Knife SetPricing is always an issue if you don’t make 6-figures or have recently won the lottery, in any guess; pricing of anything you purchase will always have a say. This steak knife set does provide quality but for a heavy price. Most would instantly shy away from the hefty price tag, and like any home-cook enthusiast who’s trying to show off their steak cooking skills, we need the proper tools to create the whole atmosphere, don’t we? If the steak knife gods are listening, we’ve said a prayer for Wusthof to drop the price because even the everyday cook should feel like a luxurious chef from time to time.

We love the exceptionally precision-forged high-carbon and stain resistant steel alloy blade this company produces. This product is dishwasher safe, so unless you’ve convinced yourself that you can hand-wash all your dishes after hours and hours of hard preparation, the cooking process and of course, the aftermath… this is the best steak knife set for you. What we love most is you get SIX of them in one Classic set- two more than the usual steak knife set.

Final Thoughts on Wusthof Classic

If you’re looking for an outstanding endurance blade that will work as hard as you do, the Wusthof Classic 6-piece steak knife set is for you. It’s simply hard work molded and crafted into a high performing extraordinarily sharp blade, which is remarkably easy to maintain. Your hands will be thanking you for the smoothness and seamless fit of the handle, plus the triple-riveted handle shells that hold the full Tang in place is safe and feels secure to the touch.

Wusthof Classic 6-Piece Steak Knife Set is the best steak knife set for the professional chef or home cooking enthusiast in your life, a perfect gift! If gifting isn’t on the radar, a gift for you is always the best kind of gift.