Global GTF-4001 – 4 Piece Steak Knife Set Review

Global GTF-4001 - 4 Piece Steak Knife SetGlobal knives have created a range of knife sets that were made to be presented as completely revolutionary in the culinary world, they wanted to present something completely special to stand out from the crowd, and in our research we know they’ve hit the nail right on the head. Global only uses the absolute latest in manufacturing techniques for a modern and elegant look, using only the best materials that they’ve manufactured strictly for these knives, now that’s lavishness!

Global knives are manufactured by Yoshikin in Niigata, Japan and were designed in 1985 by Komi Yamada. They provide the quality you need when serving up that elegant meal you’ve spent ours preparing. This brand offers one of the best steak knife sets I’ve seen, as I’ve found the quality trumps most. We don’t want your guests to be battling with their steak to get it all sliced up, be sure to prep your guests with the right tools to ensure an easy and enjoyable meal with no accidental slips and embarrassment. These knives cut easily and quickly to save time and effort when enjoying a steak dinner.

The GTF-4001 Break Down

The knife blades are made of hard molybdenum/vanadium chrome steel, a mouth full we know, but this means they’re VERY sturdy. The edges of the blade are long and tapered with a short bevel so they stay sharper for a much longer period of time. The blades are ground to a very acute angle, a little bit more angled than a European style knife, however ground to one point and not too slanted, for a better cut- like a knife to warm butter. You can be sure these babies leave the factory, arrive on shelves, and soon nestle into your kitchen, still extra razor sharp! They stand at a 3-1/2 inch body and are greatly serrated on one side.

Global knives typically like to make their knife sets with hallowed out handles to boost a lighter and more modern look. However, this particular set isn’t hallowed in, they’re solid, and present a heavier weight, however doesn’t necessarily compromise comfort. The handles, in our opinion, are the knives most stunning feature. They’re molded and shaped to suit your hand and fit perfectly to the curvatures of you fingers. The steel is dimpled (with tiny holes) to prevent slipping of any kind, hooray for safety! This particular characteristic essentially pulls the Global knives out from the crowd and allows them the special spotlight they deserve.

Global recommends steak knife users to use either diamond steel or a ceramic sharpener instead of using any metal sharpening steel for their knives. Global even put together a guide rail for sharpening to explain just exactly how to hone on a whetstone and at just the right angle. After all, the quality of these knives should be your number one priority if you’re looking to make them last in your home. The knives are not dishwasher safe, meaning you must wash them by hand if you want the best results in both sanitation and in up-keep. You must be carful of these edges and provide protection when cleaning; this is a thinner blade after all and dishwashers aren’t necessarily accommodating to fragile things. Global however boost their lifetime warranty against defects and breakage for their knives! This definitely is a great incentive for purchasing, a lifetime warranty is what all chef’s love to hear.

The ways these Global knives are balanced are a key point to be discussed. Typically Global knives fill their knife handles with sand to create a perfect balance, the reason this company has done this for years is, they believe this method is best opposed to filling their handles using the full Tang and Bolster to balance out the knives. This means they’re heavy, but not too heavy in the sense of if they were filled with the typical steel alloy. This characteristic makes these knives easy to work with, and are forgiving to your hands and wrists. Typically Asian knives do not have Bolsters because they only serve as a hindrance in sharpening and cutting.

Yoshikan uses it’s own stainless steel called CROMOVA 18. The hardness of this steel allows the company to easily create these knives and to keep them lasting quite longer than the average Joe knife. However, this keeps them at the right softness to allow chef’s and home cookers alike to sharpen with ease.

The official breakdown of these knives in terms of science is quite interesting and clearly explains the reasoning behind their true quality, we will try to explain it plainly and easily- we don’t want to confuse you! The CRO in CROMOVA 18 stands for Chromium and the 18 is the percentage of Chromium in the steel. The MO stands for Molybdenum and the VA stands for Vanadium, these two elements when put together give the knives good edge retention. The combination of all of these elements is the reasoning behind why these blades stay sharp for so long, without needing to pull out the sharpener after only a few uses (as many “good quality” knife sets claim).

What We Like and What We Don’t About Global GTF-4001

We don’t necessarily love the minimal length of these blades; it’s their only short flaw (pun intended). Unless you have unusually small hands, then in which case these will be perfect for you, however, us average hand people would have appreciated a bit of a longer handle. However, I suppose one plus of having smaller handles would be for easy sanitation- easier to clean.

What gives these knives their true edge is their blade (again, pun intended). The blade is created from the highest quality of steel alloy produced in Japan, as explained above. The science crafted within each knife set is interesting as you can feel comfortable knowing the history and research behind this very established company has produced the best in quality knives. If you’re looking for other option, checkout the DMS400 by Shun.

Final Thoughts on GTF-4001

If you’re looking for a modern and classic steak knife set that will last you years and perhaps could be passed down in generations to come-you’ve fond it. The Global GTF-4001 – 4 Piece Steak Knife Set is an absolute must have for professionals in the kitchen- or even pro’s in training!